1 Pair 12V 24V Automotive Car Top Post Battery Terminals Wire Cable Clamp Terminal Connectors 6 Styles

November 25, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 10.69 - 5.35

Friendly reminder: During installation, it is not recommended to overighten these two screws and wrench. Prevent breakage.

This kind of automobile battery pile heads can be used to stabilize the current and protects the battery, with strong corrosion resistance, strong conductivity and long service life.

Car battery pile heads, power connection, stable current, protecting battery.
With power-off protections, safe and reliable use.
Easy to install and reliable grip.
Strong corrosion resistance, strong conductivity, long service life.

Cathode size: 17.5 ~ 19.1mm
Anode size: 15.9 ~ 17.5mm