2 din For Hyundai Accent 2008 2009 2010 2011 Android 10 Car Radio multimedia video player Auto navigation gps with camera no dvd

November 25, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 178.00

Separate purchase option:

1. Support OBD function
2. Support DAB + function
3. Support to add external microphone function
4. Support to add TV function (Only supports South American countries)
5. Support to built-in carplay function
6. Support for adding voice function

Product Details:

For Hyundai Accent 2008 2009 2010 2011
1, Android operating system can install the application Google Play store Skype Facebook youTube Twitter, etc
2, 4-Core configuration includes (RAM + ROM): 1G + 16G / 2G + 16G / 2G+32G [ Optional ]
3, 8-Core configuration includes (RAM + ROM): 7216-2G+32G/ 7216-4G+64G/7216-6G+128G/7216-8G+128G/ 4G-SIM-5760-2G+32G/4G-SIM-5760-4G+64G/4G-SIM-5760-6G+128G/4G-SIM-5760-8G+128G [ Optional ]
4, 4-Core contain:Version: Android 9.0
Resolution:HD TM; 1024*600 ; Does not support AM and RDS function ;
5, 8-Core contain:Version: Android 10 ;
Resolution:HD IPS,
7216-WIFI version : supports DSP, FM, RDS ,16EQ, HIFI, Support to external Carplay function,Split screen, Front and rear dual recording and 360 panoramic camera functions;Does not support video output; ;
4G-SIM-5760-WIFI version: 8-core, supports DSP, FM, RDS, HIFI, Split screen, Support to built-in Carplay function,Front and rear dual recording and 360 panoramic camera functions; Does not support video output ;
6, Support :radio station, Bluetooth call, Bluetooth music, steering wheel control, built-in WiFi, MP3, video music (MPG, AVI), navigation, video output, mirror link, USB 4G LTE WIFI Dongle and other functions ; Support choose car logo;Sfactory password: 8888