AC OR DC Electric Window Motor Stroke 100 to 400mm Chain Adjustable Window Actuator DIY Smart Home

November 24, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 42.00 - 36.12

100-400mm Stroke adjustable Chain window Opener

Here package only includes motor. Remote control or switches are not included.

Read before placing an order

Note: Motor itself support adjust travel length 100 to 400mm, but both motor doesn't support wifi itself, and unable to work alone.

Kit1: DC 24V MOTOR only

Kit11: AC MOTOR only

Item features

-Adjustable stretch length 100-400mm.
-Window small as 470mm is suitable.
-Durable, serve for more than 10000 times open & close.
-Stainless steel-made double layer chain, operate smoothly.
-Two flame resistance ABS holders and the POM sliding guide make the motor more silent and safer.
-Easy to install and take down.

Wire connection
-For 4 wires AC motor
Brown line-Live
Blue line- Public line or neutral line
Yellow line-Earth
Black line-Reverse

-For 2 wires DC24V motor
Brown line-Positive
Blue line- Negative

For COMPATIBLE smart wifi wall switch, support both Tuya and 433Mhz, CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO ORDER PLS.

For motor together with switch, please click image below to order pls.