Baseus Car Jump Starter Power Bank 20000mAh 2000A Starting Device Portable Car Battery Emergency Car Booster Auto Jumpstarter

November 18, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 141.32 - 105.99

Performance Leaps Instant Jumpstart

Super Energy Max Car Jump Starter

Jumpstart from Zero Voltage

Real peak current enables a car to be jump started in a second when the car battery is low.

Charge Once for 60 Times of Jumpstart

20000mAh lithium polymer batteries feature
higher capacity. Tests indicate that the fully
charged jump starter can jumpstart Toyota Crown Royal 3.0 with a naturally aspirated engine more than 50 times.

For Gasoline/Diesel Vehicles with Any Displacement

4 strings of high discharge rate cells offer powerful performance for all car models and displacement. They can withstand instantly powerful current shock of a car to protect the car battery, and ensure longer service life.

Jumpstart as Usual at -20°C

A smart temperature protection chip is Low temperature resistant for jumpstarting in winter easily.A built-in temperature protecion resistor ensures normal operation in the environment with large temperature difterence.

Low Consumption 2 Years of Battery Life

Low- power sleep mode with 0.05mA of static current enables the jumpstarter to stay on standby for 2 years after fully charged. It works even if you forget to charge it for a long time.

Clear Display Precise Battery Level

It can show the remaining battery level precisely.

Dual USB Output One-Stop Power Station

The two USB ports are compatible with tablets, laptops, phones and Switch, and support simultaneous charging of two devices.

Flashlight and Emergency Light

It has three types of light mode. Long press to turn on high brightness light mode, and enable SOS mode when a flat tire or an emergency occurs late at night to prevent secondary accidents.

Intelligent lgnition Clamps

Intelligent ignition clamps with eight safety protection come with the product, which are up to the testing standards for more secure use.

Safety on Board the Aircraft Can be Used As a Mobile Power Supply

The polymer lithium battery meets the safe standard of phone batteries. 44 4Wh of rated power conforms to civil aviation standards.