Beok 220V WiFi Thermostat Warm Floor for Electric Floor Heating Smart Home Digital Thermostat Voice Comtrol by Google Alexa

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Price: 51.40

TGT70WIFI-EP Electric Heating Thermostat

  • Heating System:Applied to temperature control of Electric Heating Appliance.Not applicable to any boilers!

  • Control from your phone:Monitor and control your heating from anywhere using your phone.

  • Helps save energy: Work according to programming or phone control, saving energy when you leave.

Package List

1 pc Thermostat

1 pc User Manual

1 pc Sensor Cable

2 pcs Screws


  • Memory Function

Memorize all your settings after sudden power-off. When power is on again, you do not need to reset it.

  • Programmable Function

With weekly programmable function. 5+2 or 6+1 or 7 days program is optional.

  • WiFi Enabled

Makes it easy to remotely control and schedule the comfort of your home.

  • Easy installation and WiFi connection. Easy to program from unit or with app.

  • Large grass screen with black backlight, suitable for your stylish house.

  • With 2 sensors and 3 sensor modes (internal sensor, external sensor, both internal and external sensor).

  • Passed CE and ROHS certification. Tested to the highest industry standards.

Just connect your thermostat to your phone, its that simple!

BeokHome App

1. Multiple languages available!

2. Simple operation interface!

* Click on this link to watch how to connect TGT70WIFI thermostat to your smartphone.

WIFI for Andriod &Apple ios

(You can comtrol your thermostat at any place)

Works with Amazon alexa and Goolge home

User Manual

Product Display

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 200-240V; 50-60Hz

Current Load: ≤16A

Power Consumption: <0.3W

External Material: PC+ABS (flame retardant)

Sensing Element: NTC

Set Temp. Range: 5-60 Celsius

Floor Set Temp. Range: 5-99 Celsius

Accuracy/Hysteresis: ±0.5Celsius

Dimension: 86x86x45mm

Storage Temp.: -5~55Celsius

Certificate: CE/ROHS

Support Phone System: iOS System/Android System

Connection Diagram Instruction

Terminal 1(L1) and 2(N1) are electric loading appliances controlled by thermostat.

Terminal 3(N) and 4(L) are AC230V power supply of the thermostat.

Terminal 5 and 6 (NTC) are external temperature sensor.

TGT70WIFI-EP Thermostat is used in 16A Electric Underfloor Heating System.

It is used to control heating cables, heating films or heating mats.



* Click on this link to watch how to install the thermostat.