Beok Smart WIFI Floor Thermostat for Electric Heating Element Smart Home TDS23WIFIEP Room Thermostat Google Alexa Voice Control

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Price: 48.62 - 37.44

TDS23WIFI-EP Electric Heating Thermostat

  • Heating System: Applied to temperature control of electric heating appliance. Not suitable for any boilers!

  • Control from your phone: Monitor and control your heating from anywhere using your phone.

  • Helps save energy: Work according to programming or phone control, saving energy when you leave.


  • Memory Function

Memorize all your settings after sudden power-off. When power is on again, you do not need to reset it. 

  • Programmable Function

With weekly programmable function. 5+2 or 6+1 or 7 days program is optional. 

  •   WiFi Enabled

Makes it easy to remotely control and schedule the comfort of your home.

  • Easy installation and WiFi connection. Easy to program from unit or with app.

  • Large grass screen with black backlight, suitable for your stylish house.

  • With 2 sensors and 3 sensor modes (internal sensor, external sensor, both internal and external sensor).

  • Passed CE and ROHS certification. Tested to the highest industry standards.

BeokHome App

1. Multiple languages available!

2. Simple operation interface!

WIFI for Andriod &Apple ios
(You can comtrol your thermostat at any place)

Works with Amazon alexa and Goolge home

User Manual

Product Display

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 200-240V; 50-60Hz

Current Load: ≤16A

Power Consumption: <0.3W

External Material: PC+ABS (flame retardant)

Sensing Element: NTC

Set Temp. Range: 5-60 Celsius

Floor Set Temp. Range: 5-99 Celsius

Accuracy: ±0.5Celsius

Dimension: 86x86x45mm

Storage Temp.: -5~55Celsius

Certificate: CE/ROHS

Support Phone System: iOS System/Android System

Connection Diagram Instruction

Terminal 1(L1) and 2(N1) are electric loading appliances controlled by thermostat.

Terminal 3(N) and 4(L) are AC230V power supply of the thermostat.

Terminal 5 and 6 (NTC) are external temperature sensor.

TDS23WIFI-EP Thermostat is used in 16A Electric Underfloor Heating System.

It is used to control heating cables, heating films or heating mats.

Not applicable to boilers !


Package List

1 pc Thermostat

1 pc User Manual

1 pc Cable

2 pcs Screws