Jieshuo Rtx 3060 6g Jogo Gddr6 Gpu Computador Pc 192bit Dp * 3 Pci Express 4.0×16 Rtx3060 6gb Placa De Vídeo Jogos

November 25, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 216.00

THE is 99% new. The mining time of the video card is short. The product will be issued after strict testing. Please feel free to purchase and use it. If you have any problems, please contact our store at any time. We will solve all your after-sales problems as soon as possible!


PS:1.3060 and 3070m are only suitable for 470 unlocked drivers in hiveos system, windows platform needs to use special drivers, please contact customer service to get them, they can work with unlocked graphics cards, because unlocked graphics cards use drivers for 470, 306Om and 307om can only use the 470 driver for mining. In the same hiveos system, the N card and the A card can only run the same version of the driver at the same time, so they can only work with unlocked cards, not unlocked cards. ,

2.Due to the difference between production batches and production batches, there may be slight differences in appearance and interface, but they are not affected by the main core functions. Please refer to the actual product received.

3.The interface of the graphics card will be slightly different due to the different production batches of the manufacturer. Please refer to the actual product received.

4.Please keep in mind that after our goods are sent out, there will be no refunds, if there is a quality problem within three months, we can replace the goods! ! !