Tenda AC11 AC1200 Wifi Router Gigabit 2.4G 5GHz Dual-Band 1167Mbps Wireless Network Wi-Fi Repeater with 5 High Gain Antennas

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Product Overview
Tenda AC11 is a dual-band wireless router designed for large-scale homes that are suitablefor 200M and above fiber-optic homes. Independent signal enhancement module, Beamforming intelligent signal enhancement technology, external 5*6dBi high gain antenna,signal coverage of 120 square meters can through three walls, and support signal strength adjustment,according to the specific use environment, select the appropriate signal strength .
Equipped withGigabit wired port, supporting 200M and above fiber access, two-way 5G WiFi design, achieving867M of WiFi access intelligent terminal, ensuring full utilization of 200M andabove. And support dual-band integration, priority to connect fast WiFi band; support broadband
account automatic migration technology, easily replace old routers.
Main Features
  • Support 200MB and above fiber access

  • 5*6dBi enhanced antennas covering 120 square meters with three walls

  • 2.4G&5G uses signal enhancement module

  • Beamforming Signal Intelligent Tracking Technology

  • Signal strength adjustment function

  • Flood control network function

  • Support free installation online


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Note: this is original Chinese LanguageTenda AC11 Router.

The AC11's WAN/LAN ports are equipped with Gigabit wired network ports to support 200MB

and above fiber access; two 5G WiFi designs enable 867M WiFi access intelligent

terminals, ensuring full utilization of 200M and above.

5*6dBi high-gain omnidirectional antennas design, whichcan increase the coverage by

30% compared with the common 4*5dBidual-band routers. It can meet

the coverage of 120 square meters oflarge units,

and can also access the Internet after wearing

three walls.

(Data from Tenda laboratory, actual coverage may changes by different environmental.)

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz use independent signal enhancement modules. WiFi penetration

is stronger and transmission is farther. Even in the corner of the home,

you can watch movies.

Supports Beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology, accordingto the user's

location, the WiFi signal is aggregated into a beam directlyto

the user's Internet access device to achieve

accurate wall penetration.

With signal strength adjustment function, the user can freely switchthe signal

low power/standard/enhancement mode through the APP

tomeet the Wi-Fi usage requirements

in different environments.

After the anti-mite network function is enabled, when the new deviceis connected to the

router, the app will receive a push reminder. If it isfound to be an illegal device,

the illegal device can be blackedout directly on the APP.

AC11 is equipped with the latest account password migration function.Simply connect the

WAN port of the old router to the LAN port of AC11,and automatically copy the

broadband account password when power is on,

eliminating the trouble of installing settings.


1.Is there a suitable conversion plug?

A:We can add the EU/AU/UK Plug-in for you to meet the socket use in your country .

2.How long delivery time after ordering?

A:When you purchase our product, we will ship it within 48 hours.
3.Where does the product come from?
A:Our products and accessories are from TENDA official, please rest assured to buy.
4.Does the product support global versions?
A:Our products suitable for home and office use.It supports the English settings interface.(Some products support Russian and multiple languages)
5.Do buyers need to pay customs tax?
A:Buyers are responsible for (in case) all tax or VAT under any circumstances.
6.What if I have a product problem?
A:Please don't leave negative feedback before contacting with us. We will do all we can to solve your problems. Submit negative feedback is not late if the problem is not solved.

Product Display

Product Specification


IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u


1 Gigabit WAN ports+ 3 Gigabit LAN ports


Reset / WPS button; Wifi Button

Power Supply:

Power Input: 200-240V—50/60Hz

Power Output: DC 12V 1A


5GHz: Up to 867Mbps

2.4GHz: Up to 300Mbps


Supportsignal strength adjustment function

Support SSID broadcast and hide

Support MU-MIMO

Support Beamforming

Wireless Security:

Wireless Security: Enable/Disable
WPS Fast Encryption


5*6dBi External Dual Band Antennas

Working mode:

Wireless routing model

Client+AP mode

Wireless Repeater

WISP mode





Characteristic function:

Password migration function

WiFi timing switch

Intelligent power saving

Panel light switch

Tenda App local and remote management

Package Content:

1* AC11 Wireless Router
1* Power adapter
1* Installation guide

Note: We will send the correct free plug adapter cover according to the destination country, so we don't accept any dispute of Language or a wrong adapter due to a mistake.