Tuya WiFi Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valves Intelligent Wireless App Control Home Heating Thermostat Temperature Controller

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Price: 22.58

This product is a radiator thermostat, suitable for home heating equipment. Convenient installation and simple operation. The temperature can be controlled through the mobilephone app, so that you can enjoy the appropriate temperature as soon as you get home. There are WiFi and ZigBee versions for you to choose from.

LED dot matrix display, new TRV controller. Rotatable screen that allows you to read it from different angles, providing with much more comfortable user experience.
Wireless controlling your house radiator no matter where you are via mobilephones.
Programmable schedule with weekly programming selection: Supports manual set weekly schedule with 4 periods for each day, providing you with the maximum convenience for different situation and setting customized schedule for your house temperature. Auto mode, manual mode and ON/OFF mode are optional for added convenience. Energy saving in a real sense with temperature ceiling and lower limit setting functional in APP.
Compatible with Alexa Amazon and Google Home: Using simple voice command for house temperature control for more convenient experience by adding this radiator controller into Alexa or Google Home. Window check and temperature calibration are supported in APP.
Data Logging and Child Lock Function: The Tuya Smart APP will record the temperature statistics with current and set temperature, as well as valves opening degree, allowing you to understand the working status of the product more intuitively; designed with child lock feature to prevents misoperations by your kids, packed with 6 different adapters to meet different matching demand.

Type: WiFi, Zigbee (optional)
Accuracy: 0.5°C
Set Temp. Range: 5-35°C
Storage Temp.: -5-45°C
Surface Temperature: 90℃ Max (at the radiator)
Connection: m30 * 1.5mm
Linear Travel: 4.3mm
Waterproof: IP20
Battery: 3 * AA battery (not included)
App: Tuya Smart/Smart Life APP
Item Size: 97 * 58.4 * 58.4mm / 3.8 * 2.3 * 2.3in
Item Weight: 118g / 4.2ounce
Package Size: 137 * 74 * 63mm / 5.4 * 2.9 * 2.5in
Package Weight: 196g / 6.9ounce

The WiFi model does not need a gateway, and the Zigbee model needs to be used with a gateway.

Packing List:
1 * Temperature Controller
1 * User Manual
6 * Adapters

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