Tuya ZigBee WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer Detector Smart Life For Alexa Google Home

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Tuya ZigBee WIFI Temperature Humidity Sensor Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer Detector Smart Life For Alexa Google Home



The temperature and humidity sensor can be linked with other smart devices in the home to improve the indoor heating and cooling,

and make your home more comfortable.Low advantage design to ensure long-term battery life.



Input vollage:DC3V LR03″2

Quiescent current:≤30uA

Low power underoltage: ≤2.7V

WiFi:802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Working temperature:-10℃~55℃

Working humidity:10%~90%RH


ZigBee :

Product name: Temperature and humidity sensor

Battery type:2*AA(NOT INCLUDE)

Product parameter:DC3V LR03

Quiescent current:≤10uA

Alarm current:≤15mA

Low voltage and undervoltage:≤2.6V

zigbee working frequency:2.400GHz-2.484GHz

Detection temperature:-10℃~ 60℃

Detection humidity:0-100%RH

Working temperature:-10℃~ 50℃

Working humidity:maximum 95%RH


How to set up:

1. First scan QR code with your smartphone, or

search “Smart Life” app in Google Play Store or APP Store to download and install app.

2. Register the app with email address, then click

“Home” ” ” on the app interface or click “Add Device”.

Then select “Sensors” and choose “Temperature and

Humidity Sensor (Wi-Fi).

3. There are three ways for user to connect WIFI with


①. Bluetooth-compatible  mode

②. EZ mode.

3. After connect WiFi successfully, click the

sensor icon to enter the app interface and do

some setting. You can preset the value of temperature and humidity for alarming from here.



1. Intelligent Linkage

When the ambient environment change, you can do intelligent linkage. For example, the air conditioner will

be on automatically when the room temperature surpass 35℃. And the humidifier will spray when the

humidity is lower than 20% RH.

2. Share devices

You can share your added devices with your family

members, so they can also monitor the ambient


3. Temperature Unit Selection in APP

You can choose ℃ or ℉ as the temperature unit through app.

4. Third-party Voice Control

Works with amazon alexa, google assistant.

5. With buzzer alarm


Package Included:



Manual *1


ZigBee :

1*Temperature and humidity Sensor






ZigBee : This product needs to be used with zigbee3.0 gateway


App remote control

remote control the wifi temperature and humidity sensor by smartphone from anywhere at anytime.


Voice control

simply give a voice command to Alexa or Goggle Home to turn on/off when your hands are full.


Help you to protect your baby’s health

with the sensor installed in the baby’s room, you can timely know the change of the temperature and humidity.


Give your child a healthier room

install the sensor in the baby’s room, and you can know the temperature and humidity changes in time


 Sharing function

 sharing the wifi temperature and humidity sensor with family members by Smartlife app to control together.


Smart linkage function

you can DIY different smart automation/tap to run scene


 Wide application


Dehumidification of your wardrobe

you can install the sensor in your wardrobe. When the humidity is too large, it will send a alert to your smartphone by App.