Umbrella For Men Umbrella Windproof Straight Rod 24 Bones To Increase Double Golf Business Hotel Windproof And Rain Dual-Use

November 24, 2022 By 63zvg 0

Price: 43.26 - 18.17

Product attributes

style: neutral

Umbrella cloth material: impact cloth

Umbrella cloth glue: none

Umbrella cloth density: 190T

Umbrella rib material: fiber

Umbrella handle material: rubber

Medium rod material: steel

Style: long handle umbrella

Number of ribs: 24 bones

Open method: manual

Umbrella collection method: manual

Shape: straight umbrella

Color: red, purple, black, coffee, navy, rainbow

Size: 24k

High-density umbrella surface is impermeable to water

The umbrella surface repels water once it touches the umbrella surface

The water is in the form of droplets and will not penetrate into the umbrella

stainless steel rod

The sturdy, rust-proof stainless steel mid-rod design gives you more peace of mind.

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Strength meets toughness

Spherical polishing process avoids warping of umbrella beads

And the stabbing situation occurs