Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor Wireless Flood Water Leak Detector Waterproof work with Mijia App for Smart Home Security

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Price: 16.80 - 12.43

Original Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor Wireless Flood Water Leak Detector Waterproof App Remote Control work with Mijia app

 Please note: This product needs to be used with a Bluetooth gateway or a Bluetooth Mesh gateway.

Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor / Water Leak Sensor
Water Leakage Detection | Xiaoai Speaker Linkage | APP Remote Reminder | IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof

* Monitor the flooding situation at all times, and promptly remind you if abnormalities are found 

Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor utilizes the conductivity of water.When the immersion height reaches 1mm, 

two metal probes form a path, thereby linking with other smart products* to issue reminders 
and take timely countermeasures to avoid greater losses.

* Detection of water leakage, IP67 dust and water proof, Linkage with Xiaomi AI speaker, App remote alert
* Real-time monitoring, timely alarm
* The alarm mechanism can be triggered when the water level exceeds 1mm
* Prevent heavy rain from spreading over the balcony, link Xiaomi smart camera and record video, push to mobile phone
* If the water pipe is broken, the electromagnetic water valve can be linked to shut off the tap water in time
* Through the APP, know the working status at any time
* Through the Mijia APP, you can check the flood log, power level, etc. at any time
* IPX7 waterproof: Suitable for many occasions, Lockers, radiators, warehouses, computer rooms

Product model: sjwso1lm
Product size: 50x17mm
Battery type: CR2032
Wireless connection: Bluetooth version 5.0
CMIIT ID: 2020DP5425
Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Net weight: 23g
Protection grade: IP67

Link smart devices to explore more ways to play
Forget to turn off the water, local and remote reminders
Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor can be linked with the Xiao Ai speaker. When water overflow is detected, the Xiao Ai speaker will play a sound reminder, and the phone will also receive a flood notification.

Forget to close the windows in heavy rain to prevent the balcony from flooding
Forgetting to close the window on rainy days, a lot of rainwater enters the balcony, Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor links with Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Version Pro to record video and push it to the phone.

The water pipe is broken, the solenoid valve is closed by linkage
When the water pipe ruptures and a lot of water flows out, the Xiao Ai speaker will sound a reminder. At the same time, the smart socket is turned on and the solenoid water valve is closed.
*This function needs to be installed with a solenoid water valve and used with Mijia smart sockets.
*Xiaoai speakers play sound reminders, which need to be set up through the Xiaomi APP to achieve smart linkage. Xiaoai speakers, electromagnetic water booths, smart sockets, Xiaomi smart camera PTZ version Pro and other linkage products need to be purchased separately.

Work status is known at any time, low battery reminder push
Through the Mijia APP, you can check waterlogging, battery level, Bluetooth gateway signal strength and other information at any time*. When the Mi Flood Guard is in a low battery state, it will remind you to replace the battery.
*Remote access to logs, battery power, Bluetooth gateway signal strength: it needs to be used with Bluetooth gateway or Bluetooth Mesh gateway.

IP67 dustproof and waterproof, easy to deal with complex scenes
The Mi Flood Guard has reached the IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating*. It can be immersed in 1 meter deep water for a short time and is dustproof and waterproof. Ensure normal use in humid and dusty environments.

Three simple steps to complete the installation and configuration
first step
Open the Mijia APP, click on the "+" in the upper right corner of the page to add Xiaomi Water Immersing Sensor .
Second step
Follow the prompts on the page to add the device until it prompts "device added successfully".
third step
Place the equipment at the required monitoring location and complete the installation.

One battery, lasting power
Turn on long battery life mode* to achieve longer battery life
Corrosion-resistant metal probe
Nickel-plated treatment, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, longer use
Hidden button design
Long press the middle of the panel to trigger the reset button, beautiful and practical
Use anti-UV material